Lighthouse Inn Resort archive


Two views of the grand spiral staircase connecting the first and second floors of what was originally the Summer home of steel magnate Charles S. Guthrie, built in 1902. In 1927, Guthrie turned his home into a year-round inn. According to legend, a bride tripped while practicing descending these stairs in her gown and heeled shoes the day before her wedding date in the early 1930s. She is said to have fallen headfirst down the stairs, resulting in her breaking her neck which killed her instantly. Her spirit is said to have been seen throughout the inn. (Lighthouse Inn Resort is currently closed with no set date to reopen, though it is currently under new ownership).


Celebrities were known to stay at Lighthouse Inn Resort, providing brief retreats from the busy lives they were accustomed to. Two of the more notable names who frequently visited were legendary actresses Joan Crawford (left) and Bette Davis.