Matrixing: The truth about faces in objects

When noticing an orb or mist in a photograph, some people will claim to see a face within it. When you notice this, keep in mind that your brain has most likely just fooled you. What you are actually experiencing is a phenomenon called matrixing. Matrixing is the brain’s way of making sense of a pattern it does not recognize, thus turning that pattern into something it is familiar with and can make sense of, most notably in the form of a face. A face is the first pattern we get accustomed with after birth and therefore is the most recognizable pattern to us. In the news over recent years, stories about faces of biblical figures appearing in tree trunks and in food have been reported. These were not actually biblical figures appearing but simply our brain’s way of making sense of a pattern it did not recognize. Since orbs and mist contain patterns, matrixing is the very common cause of misleading people to see faces within them.


Take a look at this picture of a wall from the website The way plaster on this wall had dried creates what appears to be a face.


Here are a few more examples of matrixing.