Below are the most significant examples of EVP captured by NPIS in terms of clarity and historical significance. This page will take about 20 seconds to load due to the amount of video evidence posted. We appreciate your patience.


Deacon John Grave House (Madison, CT)

This video depicts an anomaly noticed but not confirmed until the evidence was reviewed after the investigation.  As you watch the video, you’ll notice on the left hand side what appears to be some sort of shadow moving across the background left to right, stop, then return from right to left.  (The flash you see in between was an investigator taking a picture in the same room, unrelated to what we see on this material).  The investigator in this room was sitting on the floor and was not moving around in the room at this time.  During a followup investigation, investigators attempted to recreate this shadow effect in an attempt to debunk what was recorded but was unsuccessful.

Jonathan Pasco’s Restaurant (East Windsor, CT)

This video EVP was captured in the “Boys’ Room” on the second floor. Once a home, two young boys had passed away in this room due to smallpox in the early 19th century. The EVP, which somehow continues to be cut slightly short while uploading the clip to YouTube, is of a female voice saying, “I’m Colleen”.  Upon conducting research of the history of this location, we have been unable to come across any documentation of a woman named Colleen.

Philipse Manor Hall (Yonkers, NY)

Due to the claims of activity reported on the third floor, we have set a miniDV camcorder up there on each investigation conducted at Philipse Manor Hall. On one particular evening, we happened to capture footsteps which seem to come up from behind the camera. Listen carefully and you will hear four footsteps. No other footsteps were heard in the remaining footage captured that evening. At the time, all investigators and staff of Philipse Manor Hall were on the first floor.

On another evening of investigating Philipse Manor Hall, we set up equipment and let it run while all investigators and staff went out to dinner before coming back and starting the investigation. While a miniDV camcorder was running on the third floor, we captured movement of this closet door with an accompanying shuffling sound. The closet door again moved almost five hours later but not as prominently as in this clip. On the following investigation a short time later, we tested the closet door to see how easily it can be moved. After attempting to recreate the footage seen below, we were unable to move the door without physically pulling hard to move it even the slightest, as this was during the Winter and the door had expanded to fit snug into the door frame. (The door is loose and moves smoothly during warmer months).

While conducting an EVP session on the first floor, we captured a walking shadow against the wall, where the front door is located. We spent some time attempting to recreate this shadow, from passing the only window present in the vicinity both outside and inside, along with playing with light patterns, etc.. We were able to finally recreate the shadow but discovered that someone would have to have been walking in the middle of the hall for the shadow to be cast where it appears in the footage below. According to history, Frederick Philipse III would have resembled the size and shape of the shadow, as he was a larger man who lived in the manor in the 18th century during the American Revolution. Following the war, he was forced to leave his home (and the state of New York altogether) or else be hanged for being a British sympathiser. He instead left the country completely.

Shanley Hotel (Napanoch, NY)

On June 1, 1911, the resident barber’s 4-year old daughter named Rosie fell in the well on the hotel’s property and was killed.  It is said she still resides in her room, in what was once a bordello, and communicates with visitors by way of manipulating a flashlight on command.  We decided to put this rumor to the test.  Below are two video clips showing two different investigators communicating with Rosie by way of a flashlight.  The first video is of Adam speaking with Rosie.  The second video is of Mark doing the same.  We attempted to recreate this activity by both attempting to tap and shake the flashlight, but were unsuccessful at making the flashlight turn on.  Just after this flashlight communication in Rosie’s room, the bulb burnt out and we were unable to use the flashlight the rest of the evening.

Andrews Homestead (Meriden,CT)

While conducting an EVP session on the first floor of the Andrews Homestead in Meriden CT, Adam (seen in this footage) was attempting to communicate with Moses Andrews, a British sympathizer, regarding him holding secret church services in the home during the American Revolution. As a Loyalist, Andrews was not allowed to pray in any local churches, as he was bound by its laws to pray only for King George III. We can’t explain this light anomaly. We attempted to recreate it with the objects Adam was holding at the time, infrared light refractions, reflections, car headlights, etc. but were not able to recreate it in any way.

Eells-Stow House (Milford, CT)

With a DVR camera rolling in a vacant bedroom, this quick moving orb was captured. Upon slowing down the footage, it was discovered this was not a bug (as it was originally thought to be) but rather a legitimate orb traveling at a high rate of speed. A slow version of this footage also appears below.

Hitchcock-Phillips House (Cheshire, CT)

This anomaly was captured in the Keeping Room during a stretch of time that the room was vacant of any investigators or property personnel. It was noticed on the DVR monitor as it occurred and although we attempted to recreate this footage, we were not able to.

Visitors to the Hitchcock-Phillips House claim to feel a presence in the Toy Room, a room containing 19th-century toys along with portraits of children from the same era. We not only captured EVP from this room (see the EVP section of this site) but the following footage as well, containing a legitimate orb.

Harrison House (Branford, CT)

Upon completion of setting up equipment and prior to the actual investigation beginning, these footsteps were captured on audio in the second floor bedroom, a floor which was vacant at the time. Matching the time the footsteps occurred on audio with the time of the DVR system’s visual recording (both angles of the bedroom are visible in this video), we are able to determine that the footsteps were produced by an unknown source.